Research on a wide range of advanced and functional materials are pursued in India across various premier academic institutes and research laboratories. Ongoing efforts are focused on synthesising high purity materials based on organic, inorganic, organic-inorganic hybrid, and biological systems with diverse functional applications. Indian laboratories have state-of-the-art facilities for the characterization of these materials and device fabrications. It is also noteworthy that various academic institutions in India are focusing on the fundamental aspects of material research, while the national research laboratories are concerned with technological aspects. With explosive and radical developments in academic research on advanced functional materials, the technological world is poised for a paradigm change. At this juncture, to address some of the critical global challenges, an excellent synergy between the International and Indian scientists in research engagement with a focus on translational research can be impactful to the benefit of society. The centre will be committed to high quality interdisciplinary research work with international engagements.

Scholars stand to benefit by inquiring into diverse scientific problems across several disciplines. By looking across the aisle and teaming up with international labs, the researchers are expected to be exposed to various work cultures, strengthening their research methods and linkages. Few other features of our Ph.D. program include:

  • Highly interdisciplinary research
  • State-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure
  • Co-guidance with international faculty
  • Short and long-term visits abroad Engagement with international labs and industries