The overall goal of CAMRIE is to facilitate resources, foster academic networking and promote innovative and frontline research in advanced materials that genuinely demands a multidisciplinary perspective.

    Following are the focused objectives:
  • To strengthen the infrastructure and research activities in advanced materials at IISER TVM, focusing on interdisciplinary nature by bringing together a team of researchers from different disciplines and origins with international collaborations.
  • To position IISER TVM as a vibrant hub for advanced materials research with a focus on the world's most challenging problems.
  • To attract funding and innovators from around the globe, in particular, with a strong industry partnership for technology development/transfer.
  • To create an ecosystem that spurs scientific temper amongst graduate students through international engagement by promoting exchange programs with partnering international collaborators.
  • To organize conferences and international summer schools aimed at creating an ambient research environment with high-end international collaborations.